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Dear Kosmonauts,

The day for Kosmik 2.0 has finally arrived! With a lot of planning, development, and of course, your valuable feedback, we have arrived at the version that will usher in the PKM solution you want and need.

Prepare your passport: Kosmik 2.0 is taking off

Before anything, please update your app! The Kosmik 2.0 experience is built for our desktop and web apps, and we will stop support for the iPad app in the next month. To ensure that your data is preserved, please make sure that your passport is synced on your old app before you download and log in to the new app, which can be downloaded on our website. For more details on this process, you can read on it here.

✨ The main event

Kosmik 2.0 sets the groundwork for what we see to be the future of work (spoiler: it is the true digitization of the analog work process). Here are the features you can expect in this release:

🎊 Make work a party

Kosmik 2.0 introduces multiplayer collaboration features, embracing the true potential of digital teamwork. This feature is currently available to Ambassadors and Mars users through the share panel in each Kosmik universe. Have a look at this video to see how to invite people to collaborate with you. Free users can be invited in a shared universes to add, edit or remove objects from the board. This feature for Free users is currently in Beta.

🦸🏼‍♂️ PDF superpowers

We’ve made the PDF experience even better for you. We have built a much smoother navigation experience throughout the PDF with stability fixes that allow you to move through documents fluidly and preview your PDFs in your Universe. You now also have the ability to drag and drop text from PDF files: select the text you would like to convert and do a long press and drop onto your canvas.

We also have other features in this build, including:

  • Compact web sticker (only available on desktop apps here : a small preview is available on the canvas, click on it to browse the web in side panel. You can also click on it and press space to open it in the side panel quicker.

💡 Minor improvements

  • Sync panel remains closed when there’s an error. Click on the top right bubble in the top bar to disclose more information.

🔧 Bug fixes

  • When you resized an item by its left size, its position wasn’t updated. It’s now fixed.
  • When you used the space shortcut to open an item on the side panel while dragging it, it reloaded the app. It’s now fixed.
  • On the Electron app, it’s now possible to browse Google Images again using the web item.
  • External elements (like banners from browser extensions, etc) don’t shift the app interface anymore.
  • You can now properly extract content from a PDF after switching pages using thumbnails.
  • Resolution issue when using Kosmik with a browser on iPad: the lower part of the canvas was cropped. The problem is now fixed.

🛠 Technical / Performances

  • The message on how to enable the clipboard on Firefox has been updated to make it clearer.